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Shirt: $59 upwards

The Most Beautiful Bespoke Shirts in Singapore

If you’ve read anything about formalwear, you’ll understand that particular attention is paid to a man’s shirt. While people generally think of different dress codes as divided by the outer layer – ‘dinner jacket’, ‘lounge suit’ – often it is the shirt that helps to define the overall look and level of formality of a man’s outfit.

Picadilly Tailors offers men looking for elegance in every part of their outfit an affordable way to get exquisite bespoke shirts. Whatever your style, your colour palette, and the ensemble you’re hoping to complete, we’ll be able to assist you.

Bespoke shirts suiting any formal occasion

What cut would you like? What fabric? Which cuffs and collar would you prefer? Would you like to be able to wear a collar bar? These are questions we’ll help you to find answers for during the fitting process. Depending on the desired effect and the occasion you’re dressing for, we can offer suggestions as to what would be most suitable.

Additionally, we can offer suggestions based on your physical appearance. For example, more pointed chins can benefit from a spread collar, where rounded faces can complement a more angular or pointed collar.

Whether you’re dressing for a wedding, an evening function or a day at the office, we can help you. Beginning at $59, our shirts are an affordable and elegant option for any man.

Dressing the most elegant gentlemen in Singapore

For any occasion, consider Picadilly Tailors. Our business can trace its history back to the golden age of suiting in the 1930s, and we carry that legacy proudly. Each of our suits and shirts are still made from a completely unique pattern created from your body, resulting in an exacting fit that feels comfortable while complementing your body shape.

Make a booking for your first fitting with us today and discover the difference bespoke can make. Send a message to our office at or call our tailors directly on +65 6734 9990 to learn a bit more about our business, our range of fabrics, and how can help you.