100% Bespoke (tailor made)

bespoke suits in singapore

Suit: $259 upwards

Elegant and Stylish Bespoke Suits for Singapore

Nothing compares. Buying off-the-rack always involves compromise in how a garment feels, sits and looks. If you’re a person who demands the very best from everything in life, insist on something made only for you.

The Picadilly Tailors collection represents the very finest suiting in the city, harking back to an earlier era when men’s suits were tailored as a rule, rather than as a luxury. In an age of cheap, low-quality garments, we strive to make that luxury accessible to more people.

We pride ourselves on tracing our company’s lineage back to that era, to the 1930s. While other standards have dropped, ours have not. We approach the fitting and design of each customer with the same level of care as when the business began, creating a suit that perfectly suits your body and your style.

Bespoke suits perfect for business or pleasure

We are capable of making a garment for any occasion. Whether something severe and professional for the workday, or something more colourful and festive for a wedding or celebration, we can work to your goals, creating a perfect outfit for your next event.

Regardless of if it’s your first suit or your fiftieth, the quality of a Picadilly Tailors garment will stand out in any wardrobe. Produced from the finest fabrics sourced domestically and internationally and available in a number of styles both modern and classic, your suit will be as close to your vision as possible. Beginning at $259 for a two-piece, our talents are at your disposal.

Bespoke suits, shirts and tuxedos for men of every style

Consider a matching shirt for your new suit, or explore the range of evening and formalwear available from our skilled Singapore tailors. Our goal is always to have you looking and feeling your best, as nothing compares in style and comfort to a bespoke garment.

Make an appointment to meet with our staff. Call our office on +65 6734 9990 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our tailors can also come to you to measure and show you some fabric samples.