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Assess your body type

The best custom tuxedo Singapore you will find is the one that accentuates your body type and brings out the best features that you have while at the same time taking away any attention from less flattering areas of your body.

Tall and lean body type: If you have this body type you are lucky because this is the type that can be styled with any type of tuxedo. However, you need to focus on the fact that your tux fits you well. This body type can flaunt both single-breasted fitting with two or three buttons as well as double-breasted tux that has padded shoulders. What kind of a jacket you choose depends on whether you want to add some weight to your frame or simply want to accentuate the frame that you have. You may even try this look out with a cummerbund or vest

•  Muscular and tall body type: For this body type the double-breasted jacket is a strict no. Instead,a single-breasted tuxedo Singapore in a dark colour like black or navy blue may be better suited. This can give you a slimmer look. Wearing a vest under this jacket may be suggested as a cummerbund can only make you look broader. Pick the right sized bow-tie to go with this look and make sure you do not pick a very small one. You don’t want people to think that your bow-tie is too tight

•  Lean and short body type: For those of you who are short as well as thin, you may want to pick a tux that makes your frame look a little longer. Tailors like the Picadilly tailors suggest that you choose a low-buttoned jacket. Wear this with pleated trousers along with a vest as well as a narrow tie. You could also pick a flat-front trouser to go with your tux. Whatever you pick, make sure the fitting is perfect.You do not want any extra clothing to hang off your body.

•  Muscular and short body type: Individuals with such a body type should take care that your clothes do not draw attention to your waistline. Instead focus on adding some length to your body with a perfect tuxedo Singapore. Also a double-breasted jacket may be perfect suits Singapore for fit your structure. However, you could try a single-breasted jacket that is fitted to accentuate your body and has one or maximum two buttons. Pair this look with a vest for a better version and make sure you do not pair it with a cummerbund as it will only draw unwanted attention to your waistline.

Tuxedo do’s

The trouser that you choose for your tux should be perfectly stitched. It should accentuate the natural waistline with drawing unnecessary attention. The length is very important too.Good shirts complement a good tux and hence it is important that you pick a good one as suggested by Picadilly tailors. Usually a white shirt goes best with these types of styling. A wing collar should be your best choice.
Shoes are the final yet very determining factor here. You must wear the appropriate shoes like a neatly polished leather sole shoe. Keep it simple and you are good to go.Accessorize properly with a bow-tie and choose the colour wisely if you are opting for a colourful one