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Bespoke Tailored Shirts Singapore

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Men’s Custom Tailored Shirts in Singapore

What is a wardrobe without some good shirts and bespoke shirts Singapore are a trend today given their fitting and styling. It is very important that you choose proper clothes because through them you need to say the right things about yourself. While a shirt may not be the single discreet factor in any outfit, it is definitely a big contributor to the same.

Men’s Tailored Shirt Singapore

The first thing that you check when buying from custom shirt tailors Singapore is how it fits you. In doing so, you must know that if you are buying a handmade shirt, you need to find a fit that is slightly bigger than your body. The reason behind this is that when you wash a hand-made shirt it is bound to shrink by a little amount. Make sure to take a look at the care label on your shirt before washing. Picadilly tailors suggest that your shirt collar should not be obstructive giving you enough space to run two fingers in the space between your neck and the shirt. In addition, you should be able to freely run those two fingers in that space around your neck. If you cannot do that then it means your shirt is too small for you and if more than two fingers fit into the aforementioned space, it means your shirt is too big for you.

The seam along your shirt should rest on your shoulder. A higher seam means the shirt is small while a low seam means it is too big for you. When it comes to arms, tailors in Singapore unanimously suggest that the sleeves should reach your wrist bone with enough room that half your watch becomes visible when wearing one. This is perhaps why a lot of fashion followers go to custom shirt tailors Singapore to get that perfect shirt. The tailors know that when they take your measurement they need to measure the chest from around the thickest part so that you have enough room to move in your shirt. A good shirt should be breathable and not restrictive at all. So, when you get your final product, try it on and check if you can move around freely without feeling constrained in it.

Finally, the length of your perfectly fitted shirt should reach no more than the hip bones in the front and the midpoint of your bottom.

Tailored shirts Singapore

can fit everyone depending on their body type. It is important that you know what type of body you have and wear a shirt that flatters your body by drawing attention to the right areas only. Rely on a good tailor to take the right measurement but do not hesitate to let him know if you find your shirt uncomfortable to wear. You may even like to do a little research of your own to find out what would best suit you. Never get hesitate to contact us about perfect suits Singapore, bespoke suits etc. This way you will be able to talk to your tailor much better when you try to make him understand what you are looking for.

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