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The craze for bespoke suits is not at all overhyped because nothing will ever fit you as perfectly as one stitched by the best custom tailors Singapore. No matter how many branded ready-to- wear suits you buy, it cannot beat the perfect fitting of a bespoke suit. These suits are created to fit you not just by size but also by the shape of your body. Some tailors go to great lengths and take a lot of measurements before finally handing over the suit to you.

Guide to Your First Custom Bespoke Suit

Your first bespoke suit is definitely something precious and you may even be quite anxious about it. To lay your hands on your first perfect suit it is important that you coordinate with your tailor. You may not be able to just show up at any random tailor for a suit. You need the best tailors in Singapore to help you with this because they have the expertise as well as the experience.

  • The kind of suit you need: Decide why you need a¬†perfect suits Singapore. It could be for a wedding or a prom or even an office party or a new job. Whatever is your reason let your tailor know so that you can choose an outfit accordingly.
  • Decide on the fabric: Although you may feel a little confused looking at the myriad fabrics available, it is alright if you want to stick to a few well known ones. Especially if this is your first suit, you may want to stick to some key fabrics. Worsted wool is a fabric that is popular for its high adaptability to changing temperatures. It also gives out the same shine that you find in ready-made suits in the stores. You may also want to choose the Super120s, which is an ideal choice for a three-season outfit. Mohair, on the other hand is silky and more textured compared to the other two. A lot of you may like flannel and the best tailors in Singapore offer a good range of colours and comfortable fabric to choose from.
  • Choose two-piece or a three-piece suit: Picadilly tailors suggest that you choose between a two-piece suit and a three-piece suit based on your body type and the type of event you are going to attend in that suit. Two-piece suits are said to be less formal compared to the three-piece suits.If you have a high-brow event, you may want to choose three-piece suit. However, ask your
    tailor if you need a vest or a cummerbund with that.
  • Know the suit jargon: There are jargons associated with bespoke suits Singapore and if you want to converse freely with your tailor, you need to be familiar with a few words if not all of them.

Finding a Tailored Custom Suits Singapore

While there will be many good tailors, finding the best tailors in Singapore will help you achieve what you are looking for easily. When you look for a tailor, make sure that you mention bespoke suits because not all tailors are experienced in the matter. You have to understand that custom suits and bespoke suits are two different things. So, make sure your tailor knows what you are looking for. If the tailor is familiar with and does bespoke suits, you can be assured that the tailor will be extra careful with making your suit.
Look for recommendations from friends and family for tailors who make perfect suits Singapore. You may even want to google them and look for customer reviews. If you have a certain type of suit in mind it is recommended that you carry a picture with you and then further discuss it with your tailor.

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